Bilete Agnostic Front [us], Death Before Dishonor [us] at /FORM Space - 8 iul, ora 21:00 - /FORM SPACE

Agnostic Front [us], Death Before Dishonor [us] at /FORM Space

/FORM SPACE, Cluj-Napoca

miercuri, 8 iulie, ora 21:00

Evenimentul s-a încheiat.


Cluj-Napoca Rock 'n' Roll 3 Years Anniversary at /FORM Space

A Godfather figure is understood to be a purveyor of genre; a pioneer in a particular realm of creation. Perhaps more importantly, and after over 3 decades molding the Hardcore realm, AGNOSTIC FRONT have protected and nurtured Hardcore music in such a way that it still exists healthily & in its proper form, today.

- Death Before Dishonor -

more details soon...

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